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There are many reasons that people need a trailer. Perhaps you need to transport your mower or four-wheeler. Perhaps you are a farmer that needs a way to haul debris off the farm or a contractor who needs a way to keep your construction site clean. At Decker Automotive we maintain an assortment of trailers and parts on our lot in DeRidder, LA. We have different types of trailer styles and sizes of trailers to meet your needs, large or small. If we don't have the trailer you need, we can place an order with the manufacturing company so that you can have it built to your specifications. In addition to the new trailers, we often have a few used trailers available as well.


Trailer Styles and Manufacturers

Utility trailers: Buck Dandy Manufacturing Company
Gooseneck Trailers: PJ Trailer Company
Cargo Trailers: Carry On Trailer Corporation
Stock/Horse Trailers: Calico/Ranch King
Dump Trailers: PJ Trailer Company


In addition to our selection of trailers, we carry trailer parts and accessories at our shop that services the Louisiana area from Leesville to Lake Charles. These parts include trailer brakes, axles, hitches and connectors.


Custom Metal Carports

In addition to trailers and parts, we carry metal carports manufactured by American Steel Carports. These are ordered based on the customer's specifications for both color and dimensions. We work with you to determine the best size for your needs. The installation at your site is included in the price of the carport.


Customer Satisfaction

At Decker Automotive we work hard to learn exactly what our customer needs and then meet that need. If we don't have the trailer or carport you are looking for, we work hard to order exactly what you are looking for. Whether you need a metal carport or a dump trailer, we have what you need or we can get it. Come on in and check out our stock of trailers today.


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