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If your tires are not wearing properly, you may need a wheel alignment or front end work done on your vehicle. Proper alignment is crucial for preventing wear and tear on tires. If your brakes are squeaking, that may indicate that they are wearing out and may not be very safe. As parts in the front end of your vehicle become worn, they can create problems for your vehicle, which can impact your safety. Decker Automotive is here to provide high quality alignments and front end work for your vehicle so that you won't have to wonder if everything is working properly.



What We Do

Decker Automotive is committed to providing the DeRidder, LA area with all of the light mechanical work your vehicle needs to have done. While we don't do heavy engine or transmission work, we are experts on the services we provide, such as alignments, brakes, front-end work, and underbody repair work. Our services are provided by ASE Certified Technicians who are experienced in the services they are performing on your vehicle. Our goal is customer satisfaction, and we work closely with you to make sure you understand your vehicle's problems.


Front End Parts We Replace

Water Pumps
Tie Rod Ends
Ball Joints
Rotors (If they can be turned, we do that so they won't need replacing)
Spark Plugs
CV Axles


Why You Should Choose Decker Automotive

At Decker Automotive, we do not overcharge you for any parts we replace. In addition, we don't try to get you to purchase parts that are unnecessary. We work hard to help our customers understand the work that needs to be done and make sure the customer agrees before we do it. We come to a price agreement before the work is done so that there are no surprises when you pay for it. Contact Decker Automotive today if you need quality repair work for your vehicle in DeRidder, LA.

DeRidder Garage: Decker Automotive

Decker Automotive is a DeRidder Auto and Truck repair company that was founded with one goal in mind: to provide courteous, professional and unparallelled customer service and workmanship to residents of the DeRidder area...

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